I went to Manhattan for the first time this week. The J train ran to Hewes St where I boarded a shuttle bus that was taken everyone from my part of Brooklyn across the Williamsburg bridge. In the Lower East Side there was no power, people shuffled around on the streets. I felt like we were being repopulated in a previously quarantined, similar to the movie 28 Weeks Later when the citizens of London are returned to their supposedly zombie free zone.

Looking for a bus uptown I ended up talking to an older guy who lived in the area and had no power since Monday night- this was Friday afternoon. He confessed that the worst part was when he ran out of weed, something about a dealer that couldn’t charge a cell phone. Had he been a loyal reader, perhaps he would have been familiar with my Survival Kit For the Apocalypse.

I found a bus to Union Square then there was a big line for the bus uptown and I decided to walked the 26 blocks North.


You can see all the people waiting, and the cops in the background. Much praise to NYPD for all the men and women working overtime to help keep order, especially in the areas where the power was out.

Eventually the lights were on above 28th street, but coming home I saw parts of Lexington to the North of that which were still out. Mayor Bloomberg finally decided to cancel the NY Marathon later in the day, which was a good move a little too late. Unlike 9/11, hosting a sporting event in the wake of a natural disaster doesn’t prove shit to Mother Nature.


Now you know what Beyond stands for.

We were very busy at work, of course we were, half the city’s restaurants were closed. And everyone had a story of something crazy that happened to them, or someone they knew. Things is, we’re not out of this yet. People are still waiting for gas, and I’m waiting for my normal subway the Q to get up and running, but I’m not sure what the Canal street situation is. Perhaps its still flooded with water and smells like a giant Chinese soup. Now I’m hungry and have to go to Canal street. One last image for you, this one’s just plain messed up when you read the caption on this billboard. And by the way, Times Square never lost power.