Post Storm Update

Hurricane Sandy may have only been a Post Tropical Storm when she hit NYC but the water levels were enough to cause problems. At this point, so much remains to be seen to understand the long term effects. If you have paid attention to the major news outlets, you have probably already seen the 4 story building in Chelsea that lost its facade, completely exposing the apartments inside. Or heard about the fire in Breezy Point Queens that wiped out 111 homes and firefighters were making rescues in boats.

I’ll consider myself one of the fortunate ones. My part of Brooklyn isn’t in a flood zone and the power stayed on. Buses are starting to run again, which means they’ll probably be very crowded. Subway could be at least a few days from running because there are many flooded tubes. MTA made the right move suspending service. Now hopefully they can get them back up and running again.


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