Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

Wasn’t it not so long ago the NYPD shot a man right near my work and I wondered if that wasn’t a risk to public safety?

Bad Times Square

Just yesterday, a guy went to his former place of employment, next to the Empire State building and shot to death his former co-worker. A person who saw this action take place pointed him out to the police, who then took him out and injured 9 bystanders in the process. I know they were just doing their jobs and keeping the public safe, but we’re talking the Empire Freakin’ State building. In Manhattan! New Yorkers in and out of work, tourists everywhere. Lots of damn people milling around the sidewalk. I can barely get through the gawkers of Times Square on my way in to work sometimes. I can only imagine the chaos if everyone were suddenly inspired to run in random directions.

There was also a little rant about a certain social networking site going public and how I thought it was way overpriced, overrated, and overhyped.

Saving Face

And yes its price continues to sink, one of it’s largest initial investors just cashed out, and people are wondering more and more if the Zuck wants to step up and be a CEO or just a really awesome programmer.

But most important of all, I know table tennis.

Olympic Update: Chinese Dominance

PRC sweeps all gold medals.

The only white guys to even get to the podium were the Germans with bronze.

“Ein, Zwei, Drei, Fear. Now vee drink a lot of bier!”

Anyway, I’m not quite at Nostradamus levels of predictions yet. But remember you read it here first. And when I’m right again you can call me by my Japanese fortune teller pseudonym.



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