On the J

Riding the J train home after work at midnight and I’m trying hard to stay awake. There are more than a few stops to go, so I close my eyes and get some microsleep. It’s been a busy month with six day work weeks and late party nights with the roommates and the houseguests staying at our hostel/refugee camp/apartment. Any sleep that can be had will help at this point. A couple of stops later I open my eyes and see that someone has brought a potted plant on the train. Emphasis on the pot.


Wait! Is that for real? Somebody brought their ganja on the train?

I gotta get a closer look at this.


Okay so it wasn’t some dudes weed, but that was pretty funny to wake up to. It made me do a double take.

Shortly thereafter the mysterious plant exited the train unseen by me and disappeared into the night.




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