Bad Times Square

I’ve noticed a lot of cops in Times Square lately. There’s always lots of people, so it probably makes sense that there’s lots of cops around. Just the other night I walked out of work and almost was run over by a rickshaw bicycle that a guy was running down the sidewalk. Another was right behind him being chased by a female officer in hot pursuit. She managed to catch the second guy and the first made in through the cross walk before a crowd of people converged behind him and covered his tracks. Lady fuzz was pretty pissed off at the guy she caught, I’m not sure what the violation was, maybe they didn’t have permits, but it was definitely a bad night for the guy that was caught.

The next night two young guys are stopped by a cop outside of the restaurant next door. Not sure what this one was about, they looked pretty drunk, maybe the were pissing on the building.

Then yesterday, I apparently missed this one by about an hour.  Watch this video, it goes right by my work, you can’t see it, but it would be camera right. This guy was apparently smoking a joint, stopped by the cops, pulled out a knife, then chased down and shot. Crazy.

This guy made some bad decisions, but it makes you wonder why they couldn’t use a taser or rubber bullets, especially considering how many people are always on the street.

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