You Call This Summer?

It’s my day off. I’m lazily browsing the internet from my bed, and I just had to shut the window because it was raining so hard, drops of water were bouncing through the screen. This isn’t unusual either. I have seen so many days with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. When it’s hot, the humidity is so high it’s completely unpleasant. Then it boils over into thunderstorm weather and sudden downpours. Every week the forecast is the same, 4 out of 7 days of thunderstorms that somehow run into seven days a week. I want to go to the beach, hell I want to run to the gym and not get soaked. Not today.

So this is summer in New York? I’m not impressed. Winter wasn’t so bad, it was pretty dry and lacking snow, which everyone said was unusual. Maybe this is unusual for summer, but it certainly isn’t like summer on the West coast.

Gold medal: Pacific Ocean.

There’s a little over a month left, so I’ll see what happens.


2 thoughts on “You Call This Summer?

  1. j says:

    weather sounds perfect to me. i’m extremely jealous.

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