Early Medal Count

So far the Chinese, much to no one’s surprise, are leading the way in Gold medals with 13, while the USA has 9. There are many more events to go and these numbers will only increase in the superpowers’ bid for supremacy but I found something very intriguing as I went down the list. France is third with 4 Golds and South Korea, North Korea, and Kazakhstan are tied for fourth with 3 Gold medals. Way to go Kazakhstan! I didn’t even know you were a country until I saw the movie Borat.

But wait, apparently the Chinese are claiming that the Gold from women’s weightlifting champ Zulfiya Chinasanlo actually belongs to China because her real name is Zhao Changling and she was born in Hunan province. Apparently the “Changeling” wasn’t the best weightlifter on the Chinese squad and went to Kazakhstan so she could have a chance at the Olympics.

Then she proceeded to win Gold and set an Olympic record. Oops! My bad.

China, I’m sorry your talent scouts weren’t doing their job. But the truth of the matter is that Olympics has become more about borders than ethnicity. Consider this:

Middle distance runner Bernard Lagat was born in Kenya, competed for Washington State University in the ’90s, competed for Kenya in the 2004 Olympics, and enters London an American citizen who lives part time in Germany with his Canadian wife of Chinese descent and their son and daughter. When one of those children wins a Gold at the 2024 Olympics in Azerbajian, who claims the medal?

I guess DNA testing is the next step along the way.

So let Kazakhstan enjoy the victory and stop the sour grapes, or stinky tofu if you will. As someone whose family left, no fled during the communist revolution I can only say, “Your loss.”


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