Olympic Update: Chinese Dominance

Last night I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies on the bar TV at work. The sound wasn’t on, so I missed what looks like a lot of songs by Britain’s greatest rock stars. Including Mary Poppins, every bit the rock star in her day, flying around on tour, showing up and leaving when she pleased, and indulging that out of control laughing gas habit.

There were lots of cute kids moments, I suppose which is mandatory for Olympic openings now. Mr. Bean also showed up with a great Chariots of Fire sequence where he hails a cab to get to the front of the pack and trips the leader to finish the race in first. The genius of Rowan Atkinson is how funny he can be without any sound at all, he’s a modern Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin.

The best part had to be James Bond parachuting the Queen into the stadium, which I caught the tail end of as a group of bar customers commented how serious Her Majesty looked. Wouldn’t you be a little more excited if you just parachuted into a stadium full of thousands of people with THE James Bond? Not if you’re British royalty apparently. She didn’t smile, she didn’t wave, she didn’t even seem to be breathing heavily. She stood there very stoic and British. I replied she should do the Raise the Roof gesture and shout “London’s in the hizouse!” and everyone laughed.

I found the video posted here:


Check it out if you missed it.

The parade of nations is always a good geography lesson as well as a quick indicator of the nation’s wealth. If there’s 30 million people and 3 made it to the Olympics, it’s a safe bet that most live in poverty.

American Samoa and Cameroon had the best uniforms that I saw, very culturally representative. I just hope they weren’t made in China.

Speaking of the Chinese, they are off to a flying start in Gold medal dominance as female 48kg weightlifter Wang Mingjuan has gained one of their first medals.

But the true Chinese dominance will be in table tennis. I guess it’s no mystery that the Chinese are good at a game that’s also known a Ping Pong, but let’s take a closer look at things.

Representing team Canada: Andre Ho, Grace Gao, and Mo Zhang.

Representing team USA: Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang, and Timothy Wang.

Representing team Austria: Jia Liu

Representing team Poland: Zeng Yi Wang

Representing team Dominican Republic: Ju Lin

Representing team Argentina: Song Liu

Representing team Croatia: Yuan Tian

Representing team France: Yi Fang Xian

Representing team Australia: Jian Fang Lei, Justin Han, and Miao Miao.

Yes Miao Miao. Also known as Hello Kitty to her friends.

Add in China, and Taiwan, and the odds are pretty good someone of Chinese descent gets the gold.


One thought on “Olympic Update: Chinese Dominance

  1. Anika says:

    This might be my favorite post yet. Now I’m going to have a much more vested interest in Olympic Table Tennis.

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