Stop the Linsanity

Jeremy Lin is going to Houston. Linsanity ends in New York. Is this a big deal? It’s a top headline on ESPN. It’s front of the sports page in Denver. I guess it’s a big deal, but then again it’s that boring time of year for most sports fans waiting for their favorite sports to resume. So we talk about trades and the possible combinations of players that will lead our team to a championship. Now Jeremy Lin is probably not the guy you think of as the cornerstone to a championship team, but while he was playing in New York, he brought excitement and a lot of wins. Oh yeah, and he was the token Asian guy. Before you go crying racism, I’ll tell you I’m Chinese, mixed with German, Irish, Scottish, and English too. Let’s admit it, the racism probably started when people thought a Chinese kid couldn’t play basketball, and Jeremy upset their stereotypes. Because Chinese people are too short, too bookish or whatever people like to think and say. And suddenly Spike Lee is high fiving this kid courtside because he was giving the Knicks a fighting chance. He definitely brought a lot of marketing value to the team, but apparently the Knicks brass didn’t catch that. The team that did, Houston, used to have Yao Ming, they might be aware of this fact. I was in China during the NBA playoffs of 2007. The Rockets had been bounced from the playoffs the week before but I passed a massive outdoor screen in Shanghai that was showing a replay of one of the games, and I’d bet the house it was because of Yao Ming. Jeremy Lin is going to sell a lot of Rockets jerseys. New York’s loss. Since I started this blog with a post about Jeremy, I’ll say good luck in your NBA career, I’m sure you won’t need an accountant for all the money you’re making on your new contract because you’re Chinese and of course really good at math.

Even more exciting for me as we work towards the end of summer is that NFL training camps will be starting up soon and I’ll get to hear all the drama surrounding New York’s two teams. From the World Champion Giants to the loudmouth led Jets, there’s going to be lots of hype. I was watching the HBO show Hard Knocks from last year because I don’t have cable and never saw it previously. It featured the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets and their big talking coach Rex Ryan. There were lots of funny moments because he’s one of those wild card coaches that plays around a lot. But my favorite was a preseason game between the Jets and Giants, when an unknown receiver for the Giants burned the Jets for 3 touchdowns. It was Victor Cruz who made a name for himself during the season and was a big performer in the Giants’ Superbowl win over the Patriots. He’s the guy that salsa dances when he scores a touchdown. It’s funny to watch in hindsight as everyone says “Who is this guy?”

Now this year, the Jets have our lord and savior Tebow and he’s sure to make things exciting, he always does. Can’t wait.

If you didn’t catch it earlier, I’m phoning it in from Denver. I snuck out of the city for a few days of relief from the city madness. It’s been relaxing, but I haven’t had much New York to write about. Not among the mountains, suburbs, strip malls, my neice and nephew, Yo Gabba Gabba. Time to go back.

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