Lost in Transition

I’m on my way out of Denver. I’m trying. There’s been some heavy hail and even tornadoes on the East Coast. I was supposed to fly out at 1 am, but 2:20 is the expected departure now. The last bar closed at midnight and kicked everyone out. I’ve started writing this multiple times, but an old laptop keyboard that is sensitive to my heavy handed typing style keeps erasing paragraphs at key moments. I’m reminded of so many great things that have happened to me traveling. Of course they couldn’t have happened without the not so great things. Getting stuck overnight in Narita airport in Tokyo on the way to China. Finding an internet cafe to write about my experiences and running out of minutes and watching a few thousand words disappear. Waltzing in late for my plane and completely skipping through security…in the days before September 11th. Oversleeping for my flight to Hawaii because I partied too much the night before, and forgetting to pack essentials like board shorts and underwear. Getting paged at the San Francisco Airport while sitting in a bar watching football, just because I was the last passenger not on the plane, but it was still ten minutes from takeoff. Getting deported. Yeah it happened, but you’re not getting that story for free.

I just love travel, the excitement of going to new places, familiar places that you haven’t seen for a while. Watching the other people and figuring out the tourists, the locals, the businessmen, the con artists. It’s all entertainment, and usually the worst incidents make the best stories, you just have to make sure you survive them. So I’ll wait a few hours more if that means we won’t be dodging golf balls of ice at 10,000 feet.

I’ll sit here and try and figure out the free airport wi fi that tells my computer it’s in Osaka, Japan and it’s really 4:30 in the afternoon, while people sleep on the floor in a mostly empty airport and a subsonic alarm goes off but everyone seems to be ignoring it. Am I the only one with dog hearing? Don’t you hear that annoying sound? Make it stop! The things I will endure to be crowded into a big metal can with 100 other people. Are we there yet?


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