Local Warming

I’m not going to speak for the rest of the world. Or the nation. But it sure is hot here. In my previous New York experiences I had been here once in the winter, and once at the end of summer. I remember that summer visit and my first time waiting for the subway in what felt like a sauna, with sweat pouring off me. Now it is a part of my daily routine. Thankfully, on my way in to work, the J train is outside and I’m not waiting in a sauna tube, but on the way back while waiting for the Q, it can be pretty warm.

Since the summer solstice in late June, the temperatures have been high 80s and above. My roommates had a barbeque on the day of the solstice and it was roasting. The graffiti artists came by and painted up the inside of the apartment, but I didn’t take any pictures in time and a few days later they painted over it. I guess they didn’t like it after all. I’m not sure what they expected, but then I once painted the inside of my living room blue to remind me of the ocean, but it looked more like a Smurf Easter egg.

Really the worst part of this East coast heat is that it is very humid. Many days it has built to the point of thunderstorms. The air is thick and heavy and summer has barely started. If you’re rich you leave the city for the Hamptons. The rest of us get a wading pool, MacGuyver a fire hydrant, or fight for space at Coney Island.

They say it’s going to hit 100 today, and apparently these temperatures in the area are setting records. Global warming? You be the judge. I’m just happy they fixed the AC at work.



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