Defaced pt.2

The same day I posted Defaced, I read an article about The Spear, a painting by Brett Murray. It depicts South African President Jacob Zuma in a pose that looks similar to Vladimir Lenin. In addition, his is junk hanging out. This made a lot of people really angry, especially those in the ANC political party and religious groups. But aren’t the Church and State always yammering on about something that offends them? Something trivial and unrelated to real issues, usually?

Well it didn’t take more than a few days of being on display at an art gallery with half assed security before it was dedicked defaced. First with some red X’s and then just covered in black paint.

The white guy is apparently an art professor. How about we call him what he really is. A bitter, failed, artist. Love it or hate it, Brett Murray had apparently sold it for about $15,000. Now it’s not a king’s ransom, but assuming it didn’t take all year to paint, it’s a living. Then again, this attention will probably help his career too.

I found a few more pictures from the subways to add while I’m at it. It’s a couple from the J. Lo’s pregnant movie and Men in Black 3, which I really like, because you can see the layers of previous posters chipped away. How avante garde surreal dadaist.


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