Back when I first arrived in New York I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met as locals call it. The Met contains a massive variety of art from all over the world, and from different time periods. There’s more than you can see in one day, and by the time you return, there will be more new exhibits to amaze you. There were so many things that I saw when I went, I can’t remember them all, but I saw some paintings by Picasso, Andy Warhol, and a great collection of European, South American, and Asian musical instruments, like a triple necked guitar/lute and a really tiny violin.

There was also an amazing sculpture by Anish Kapoor that was similar in shape to a satellite dish, standing 6-8 feet tall and made of a few thousand hexagonal mirrors about 1 inch in size. The placement was not completely symmetrical so the effect was that you could see your reflection from a certain distance, but move forward or backward and you might be looking at someone entering the room thirty feet behind you. Even cooler was how it warped the sound too. You could be standing in front of the dish talking to the person next to you and it sounded like your conversation was happening fifteen feet to your left. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture to show you, but trust me, it still couldn’t give you the effect that seeing it in person does. I want to go back to the Met just to walk and talk in front of that sculpture for an hour or two.

There were lots of traditional sculptures too. Busts and full figures from classical Greek and Roman eras, many of which had no noses, and um genitals. I suppose it’s a long standing part of human history for someone to pour their heart and soul and hours of work into their art, and it only takes a few seconds of effort for some jerk to be a critic.

It was at that point I stumbled on the concept of being defaced, and how these smashed nosed sculptures were the prototype canvas for critics, jokers, and pranksters of the future. That and dedicked doesn’t have quite the same flow to it.

It did, however; inspire me to write this blog post as I have been diligently traveling Manhattan and Brooklyn collecting samples for this very day. Please now enjoy my collection of iphone pictures of the posters of New York City’s subways and streets that have been defaced for your enjoyment. Along with a few original creations that reference pop culture and were too cool to leave out.

Brrrrrrr! The subway is so cold!

Homer calls the Wu-Tang Clan for help

Yippie Pie-Ay Muther Fucker

And because there is nothing new under the sun, there is already a whole blog dedicated to the very act of defacing public property, check it out:

A lot of it is very juvenile and it reminds me of all the different ways I drew over the people and inserted speech bubbles on my pee chee folder.

Just remember you saw my pics here first, and tell him the Unread Blogger sent ya, or not cuz I’m not sure how to connect to Tumblr from WordPress. We’re like rival gangs. So just go deface his website when your done laughing.



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