Overheard on the Subway pt.3

I like hearing music while waiting for the subway. I’ve seen guitar players, Chinese erhu squeakers, break dancers, a lady bending a giant saw and playing it with a violin bow for a creepy haunted house sound, even competing Andean pan flute bands just like on South Park. Sometimes the music is on the trains, so you can take it with you.

About a month ago this homeless guy jumped on the G train and started singing for money, looking around for cops the whole time. It was kind of sad, but he actually had a good voice, so I gave him some spare change. Unfortunately, iphones don’t come with a shotgun microphone, so it’s hard to hear him from across the train.

Tonight I was going to Manhattan on the J train and sat down next to a Rastaman with a drum. At the next stop a few people cleared out and his friend moved from across the train with his drum and they started playing some cool beats. I had a good ten minutes of this and shot this clip as we crossed the Williamsburg bridge into Manhattan.


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