I’m back!

It’s been a long hiatus and I don’t know if I can ever cover the posts that I wanted to do while I was away, but let’s see what I can remember in the next few days. The reason for my delay was the all important move into my new apartment. It took place on April 1st, and honestly that day felt like one big cosmic joke from the universe. Everything that could go wrong did, took way longer than it should have, and ended up with me being late for work. Did I mention the apartment was being remodeled, and no work happened for about a week before I moved in? The stove wasn’t connected to the gas line, the closet had nowhere to hang clothes, there was no hot water, or toilet seats. Yep, you heard me. Let’s just say the time I spent traveling in Asia prepared me for these third world conditions.

Yes, New York, the city that never sleeps, the people who rush around like chickens with their heads cut off, drive like a bunch of immigrants with their first car, and work still gets accomplished very, very slowly. It took a week of living here, but those issues have finally been resolved.

I now live in the Bushwick neighborhood, which is populated with Domincans, Puerto Ricans, African Americans, and weird white kids. I went to the closest bars to me to check out some music on Saturday night. It was a weird contrast of stuff from a guy in a tutu singing Twin Peaks songs and busting out wicked and wild Ornette Coleman style saxophone at one place, to crazy noise punk with a guy on bass with an octave booster and him and the drummer with microphones taped to their faces, and a Japanese guy with an acoustic guitar blasting through a Marshall half stack and a drummer that was amazing. Here’s some crappy iphone clips of it. The Japanese guy’s band is called Ken South Rocks, you can see him when he jumps on on stage at the end of the clip. I highly recommend you at least skip ahead to this if you don’t watch the full clip.


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