Now Hiring, Idiots

“No I’m sorry sir, we aren’t hiring any more idiots. We are the idiots, and our jobs are taken.”

Seriously, finding a job is never fun, but some days I gotta wonder how these people doing the hiring got their jobs in the first place. The economy sucks, and if you’re fortunate enough to be employed, don’t take it for granted. You could wind up working for these people. Here’s some headlines from Craigslist:

Do You Want a Live Changing Career?

“No I prefer a DEAD end job.”


“This typo is slightly excusable, the proofreading is not.”


“Bill and Ted’s must be hiring.”

this position requires you to be very energetic and work with a SENSE OF ERGENCY.

“Sense of spelling optional.”

Restuart Staff Wanted

“Stuart? Stuart! Who the fuck is Stuart?”

Bartenders need woman only – (Yonkers )

“No! Bartenders need Beer and Woman. That make Bartender happy!”

You’re better off working for yourself than these idiots. Fuck the man. Now listen to the Clash tell it how it is.


One thought on “Now Hiring, Idiots

  1. sj says:

    It took me a second to figure out Restuart Staff Wanted.


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