Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!

Today was my first ridiculous subway experience. Oh sure I’ve gone uptown when I should have gone downtown. I’ve walked up the stairs and outside and gone completely the wrong way. Those usually ended with a laugh as I reversed course and righted the ship. This time, however, my patience wore a little thin. It started with the L train being flat out closed. The L train generally runs East to West from Brooklyn to Manhattan and would have taken me from Williamsburg to 8th Ave. Instead they told me ‘Jump on this shuttle and it will take you to the J train.’

After the shuttle wandered through Williamsburg picking up everyone else needing to be rerouted, I realized I should have just walked to the J in the first place.  So I take the J train to Canal street on Manhattan, thinking I can get to the Blue line at Canal Street. What I learned is that just because there is a stop there, it does not mean you can get to that similar named stop from a different line. Sometimes, maybe. Always, no.

So instead I took the Green line uptown to Bleecker street thinking I could get to the Orange line. Once again, NO! At this point I get back on the Green, ride a couple stops, move to the Green express and ride to Grand Central Station. There I go to the 7 line because it goes East to West, but it’s closed too! I’m getting an idea how these things work now. Ultimately, there is another option, the shuttle to Times Square. Funny thing is it’s a subway car, why do they call it a shuttle?

I arrive at Times Square, walk some dungeons and dragons journey through hallways and down stairs, past beggars and pan flute piping minstrels and arrive at the Blue line. This time, I’m on the North side of my destination but at least in range. Only five stops to ride and I’m back on track. Fortunately I wasn’t on an exact time schedule but I figure what should have been a fifteen minute trip took an hour and fifteen.  Live and learn.

– The Unread Blogger


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