No Bad Pun Here

Huh. Say What?

This is not a sports blog, but today is about Jeremy Lin. And it seems to be De rigueur in the sports journalism world to write headlines that involve cheesy puns based on the teams or players involved. Y’know? “Linsanity”

The Unread Blogger does not subscribe to such ridiculous standards. The Unread Blogger extends his mighty middle finger to convention. But enough about me.

Tonight, Lin and the Knicks were handled by the swarming defense of the Miami Heat. They showed who the best team in the East is right now. And this could very well be the year LeBron finally gets a championship ring. Jeremy Lin shows he has a long way to go before he reaches the rank of superstar. He shot 1 for 11, but even uglier were the 8 turnovers. I know Lin is  young, but he needs to work on ball security. On the bright side, he made all 6 of his free throws and had 3 steals.

The Unread Blogger cheers on Lin’s success because Lin was often overlooked and took advantage of an opportunity when it came his way. The Unread Blogger believes he too deserves a shot at success. The Unread Blogger also sleeps on a couch.

Young Mr. Lin sleeps on couches no longer. He has rented a condo at the W Hotel that rents for $13,000 a month. The true terms were not disclosed, because he’s apparently getting a “deal”.

The W sure looks like a nice place. It probably has a great couch. Yo Jeremy! You need a caretaker?

-The Unread Blogger


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